ICC Announces new Playing Rules for T20 World Cup 2021

The ICC T20 World Cup 2021 is set to kick-start from 17th October in UAE, Oman as the preparations, cheered up, are underway. With all the plans and strategies being implemented to make the contest successful amidst the COVID outbreak in realms, the upper bodies are taking all necessary measurements for the sixteen participants.

On 11th October, Monday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) unveiled new rules to be followed this World Cup. There are changed rules for rain-affected matches, drinks breaks, and a decision review system in this tournament. 

Earlier, there was no drinks break in the T20 Internationals but ICC has allowed a drink break in both innings of a match for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The decision has been taken in the enlightenment of need, if necessitated, to discuss the next strategic plans altogether against the playing rivals. 

“There will be one scheduled drinks interval of 2 minutes 30 seconds taken at the midpoint of each innings,”

“The Head Coach may consult with the on-field players during the drinks break for tactical reasons,” 

However, if the game or major overs are interrupted before the drinks break, the match referee can cancel further allowance of such breaks during the game.

Also, there will be an umpire's decision review system for the first time in the T20 World Cup. All of the teams will have two reviews available per inning. The review will only be lost if the third umpire's decision turned out to be non-fruitful for a team seeking review. 

The ICC has also tweaked its rules for rain-affected matches by increasing the number of minimum overs required to be played to achieve a result thru the DLS method.

“To constitute a match, a minimum of 5 overs have to be bowled to the team batting second subject to a result not being achieved earlier. For the semi-finals and final, a minimum of 10 overs have to be bowled to the side batting second, subject to a result not being achieved earlier,”

Moreover, if a match is tied, a super over will be played as per ICC's new codes for the T20 World Cup. Like World Cup 2019, the winner will be not decided via the high number of boundaries but there will be consecutive super overs until a winner is decided. 

“Unless exceptional circumstances arise, there shall be an unlimited number of Super Overs played to achieve a result,” 

Also, if a result is not achieved for the semi-final by any means, the team, on the basis of its rankings in Super 12, will be proceeded to the final. And, if the final is not completed, the two finalists will be named 'The Joint Winners' of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Although there are reserved days booked for the final, semi-final in the case of the contests do not get completed on the pre-scheduled dates.

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