Ben Stokes take a dig at Harsha Bhogle for defending Deepti Sharma's controversial run-out

English cricketer Ben Stokes has responded to Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle for defending Deepti Sharma's controversial run-out. Stokes's female counterpart, Charlie Dean, was the victim of Sharma's mankading as she closed the third ODI with a win. However, the run-out is still debated on the internet, if or not it was fair enough.

According to the Indian cricket world, Deepti's Mankad was under the rules and codes of ICC since she run-out Charlie before throwing the bowl. The batter was at the non-strike end and ran a moment before Deepti was due to throw the ball. When the bowler saw the batter leaving the crease early, she made full use of the opportunity; however, an intense criticism, later on, fell in her lap.

As mentioned by Wikipedia, Mankading is the informal name given to running out the non-striking batter whilst they are backing up, which is when they begin to leave the crease while the bowler is in their final delivery stride. According to MCC's recent statement on the controversy, Deepti's act is justified, whereas it was Charlie who should not have left the crease before the bowler let go of the bowl.

Harsha has been among those debating the trending topic. As expected, the Indian has come forward to defend his countrymate. England's all-rounder has taken a jibe at Harsha's thoughts, saying Indian people still remind him of the ICC World Cup 2019 final, where England won by the most number of boundaries after a super over tie.

The commentator wrote,

stop believing that the world must move at their bidding. As in society, where judges implement the law of the land, so too in cricket. But I remain disturbed by the vitriol directed towards Deepti. She played by the laws of the game and criticism of what she did must stop

Ben answered,

Harsha .. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you?

Is this a culture thing?? ….absolutely not,I receive messages regarding the overthrows from people all over world,as people all over the world have made comment’s on the Mankad dismissal, not just people who are English


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