PCB Chairman's Stand Against Nepotism

Last month, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja was replaced by Najam Sethi. Since Sethi's arrival, the board has undergone several changes including the resumption of departmental cricket and the axing of the Mohammad Wasim-led men's selection committee.

Sethi's Bold Statement

Recently, PCB Chairman Najam Sethi took to social media to make a bold statement. On Twitter, Sethi revealed that he had received numerous requests from relatives and friends to hire and promote people to various positions at the PCB.

No Favoritism and Nepotism

Sethi, however, made it clear that the PCB is not an employment agency and that he would not tolerate any bad practices such as favoritism and nepotism while in charge of the board. Fans have expressed appreciation for Sethi's strong stance against promoting favoritism.

He stated,

"I am flooded with “requests” from relatives, friends, acquaintances & persons in authority to hire or promote people in PCB. Please, Please, everyone, understand PCB is not an employment agency. I cannot, will not, follow bad past practices to erode its professional integrity."

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