Nepal Cricket Star Accused of Rape: Attorney General Appeals Bail Decision

Nepal's attorney general has appealed a decision to release former national cricket captain Sandeep Lamichhane on bail. Lamichhane, 22, is the country's biggest cricket star and is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl in a Kathmandu hotel room last August. He has been in custody since October and was allowed to be released on bail last month with a bond of two million rupees ($15,400).

Appeal filed by Attorney General:

Sanjiv Raj Regmi, a spokesman at the Office of the Attorney General, announced that the appeal was filed as the decision to release Lamichhane on bail was "flawed." He stated that, "An accused of any criminal offense that could lead to the prison term of more than three years must stay in custody." The appeal was filed with the Supreme Court to overturn the high court's decision to release Lamichhane on bail.

Cricket Career of Sandeep Lamichhane:

Lamichhane was a poster boy for the rise of cricket in Nepal, which gained one-day international status in 2018. He made his big break when he was signed by the Delhi Capitals for the Indian Premier League in 2018 and has since been Nepal's most sought-after cricketer.

Arrest Warrant and Suspension:

In September, authorities issued an arrest warrant against Lamichhane while he was away playing in the Caribbean Premier League. He returned the following month and was arrested, maintaining his innocence while fighting his pre-trial detention. As a result of the arrest warrant, Lamichhane was suspended as Nepal's cricket captain.


The case of Sandeep Lamichhane has drawn attention due to his status as Nepal's biggest cricket star. The appeal by the attorney general to overturn the decision to release him on bail shows the seriousness of the charges against him. The outcome of the case will have a significant impact on his cricket career and personal life.