Shadab does not match Babar's calibre, says Rashid Latif

Former cricketer Rashid Latif has denied rumors of unrest within the Pakistan cricket team under the leadership of Babar Azam. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Latif stated that there is no player in the current national team who is as skilled as Babar and that there is no credible threat to his captaincy.

Latif also mentioned that similar rumors were circulating about the former captain Sarfaraz a few years ago and that it was a huge mistake to remove him as captain. He believes that the team has not yet fully recovered from that decision and urged people not to repeat the same mistake again.

Furthermore, Latif emphasized that Pakistan lacks credible alternatives to replace Babar as captain. He mentioned that Shadab Khan, a potential candidate, misses 50 percent of matches due to injury and is not a viable option. Additionally, he stated that Shaheen Afridi is also currently injured. Therefore, Latif concluded that the only player who is consistently available to play all matches is Babar himself.

In summary, Latif has rubbished rumors of unrest in the Pakistan team under Babar's leadership and stressed that there is no player in the current national team who matches the calibre of Babar and there is no threat to his captaincy. He also emphasized that Pakistan lacks competent alternatives to replace the current skipper.

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