Out or Not Out? MCC Clarifies Nida Dar's controversy

In a recent ODI match between Pakistan and Australia, all-rounder Nida Dar was seemingly bowled by Australia's Tahlia McGrath. However, the umpire's declaration of a dead ball caused confusion among fans and media. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has since clarified the situation, stating that the umpire made the correct call according to Law

According to the law, "either umpire must declare and signal a dead ball when 'the striker is not ready for the delivery of the ball and, if the ball is delivered, makes no attempt to play it'." In this case, Dar did not attempt to play the ball and only looked up as McGrath was well into her delivery action, therefore she is protected by this law.

The video of the incident shows that Dar was not looking up as the ball was delivered, but rather gazing down as McGrath started her delivery stride. However, the important factor is that the umpire is satisfied that the striker was not prepared for the delivery, regardless of whether the batter's step away from the crease occurred before or after the ball was delivered.

In conclusion, while it may have looked like a controversial moment on the field, the umpire's call was in line with the laws of cricket and the MCC has clarified the situation. With this in mind, fans can now look forward to the rest of the match and series between these two competitive teams.