Pakistan Cricket Board Approves Pension Request of Former Chairman Ramiz Raja

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has approved the pension request of former chairman Ramiz Raja, according to sources. Raja was removed from his position as chairman just days after the national team suffered a 3-0 home Test series whitewash at the hands of England.

During his tenure as chairman, Raja had increased the pension of former Test cricketers by PKR1 lakh (approximately $632). However, due to service rules, Raja was not able to receive a pension while serving as chairman. Now that he has been removed from the position, his request for a pension has been approved, and he will receive PKR154,000 (approximately $958) per month.

Raja's dismissal from the PCB chairmanship came amid political changes in the country. In April, former national captain Imran Khan was ousted as prime minister and replaced by Shehbaz Sharif. Raja, a member of Khan's 1992 World Cup-winning team, was appointed chairman of the PCB in September of last year.

The government has now disbanded the current PCB management and established a 14-member committee headed by Najam Sethi, who has previously served as chairman. The committee has 120 days to change the constitution and elect a new chairman.

The government's decision to dismiss Raja and overhaul the PCB management has been met with criticism. Khan's changes to the PCB's constitution in 2019, which eliminated the roles of government departments and private entities in first-class cricket and left hundreds unemployed, drew particular criticism.

The revival of the 2014 constitution, rather than the current one, has also raised questions. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the future of cricket in Pakistan.

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