Zampa's mankad attempt sparks debate in Big Bash League

Adam Zampa, an Australian spinner, caused controversy during a domestic Twenty20 Big Bash League match when he attempted a "Mankad" run-out against the non-striker Tom Rogers of the Melbourne Renegades. Zampa, captain of the Melbourne Stars, stopped during his bowling run-up and removed the bails as Rogers left his crease, apparently annoyed that Rogers was stepping too far out.

The umpire referred the decision for review, and Rogers was ultimately ruled not out, as Zampa's arm had passed its highest point where he would normally release the ball. The incident was met with boos from some crowd members at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Stars head coach David Hussey stated that the team would have withdrawn the appeal if Rogers had been given out. He added that the attempt was more of a warning to the batter not to leave the crease too early.

Zampa later expressed that he had no regrets about the incident and claimed that he was within his rights to do so, as it is allowed in the rule book. However, he acknowledged that he got the technique wrong.

The mode of dismissal, named after Indian all-rounder Vinoo Mankad who ran out Australian batter Bill Brown in a Test match in 1948, is controversial every time it occurs and was only ruled as legitimate by the International Cricket Council last year.