PSL 8 likely to begin from 13th February

The eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is set to take place in 2023, with the tournament set for February 13th. Earlier, it was revealed that it would take place between February 9th to March 19th.

As per the details, the event will be held across four cities: Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Multan. The opening ceremony and first match are scheduled to be held in Multan on February 13th, with the defending champions, Lahore Qalandars, set to take on the Multan Sultans.

The schedule for the rest of the tournament has not yet been announced officially, however, the tentative schedule is as follows:


 PSL 2023 tentative schedule 
1st matchMultanFeb 13th
2nd matchKarachiFeb 14th
3rd matchMultan (Feb 15)Feb 15th
4th matchKarachi (Feb 16)Feb 16th
5th matchMultanFeb 17th
6th matchKarachiFeb 18th
7th matchKarachiFeb 19th
8th matchMultanFeb 19th
9th matchKarachiFeb 20th
10th matchKarachiFeb 21st
11th matchMultanFeb 22nd
12th matchKarachiFeb 23rd
13th matchKarachiFeb 24th
Break Feb 25th
14th matchKarachiFeb 26th
15th matchLahoreFeb 26th
17th matchLahoreFeb 27th
Break Feb 28th
18th matchRawalpindiMarch 1st
19th matchLahoreMarch 2nd
20th matchRawalpindiMarch 3rd
21st matchLahoreMarch 4th
22nd matchRawalpindiMarch 5th
23rd matchRawalpindiMarch 6th
24th matchRawalpindiMarch 7th
25th matchRawalpindiMarch 7th
26th matchRawalpindiMarch 8th
27th matchRawalpindiMarch 9th
28th matchRawalpindiMarch 10th
29th marchRawalpindiMarch 11th
30th matchLahoreMarch 12th
Play-offsLahoreMarch 15th
FinalLahoreMarch 19th


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