Mohammad Amir does not support Babar Azam as captain

Mohammad Amir, a former Pakistani cricketer, appears to be considering taking his retirement back under the new management of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Amir has had issues with the former chairman, Ramiz Raja, and coaches Misbah ul Haq and Waqar Younis. However, he seems to have a friendly relationship with the new chairman, Najam Sethi.

Both Amir and Najam have made statements indicating that Amir's return to the national team is likely. Amir recently made controversial statements about his return and criticized the ex-PCB management and many of the players. In his statements, Amir indicated that he has four to five more years of cricket left in him, and he will prove those who think he is over wrong. He said: "I have four to five years of cricket left in me. I will prove those opinion makers wrong who think Amir is over."

Amir also said that he has no problems with Najam Sethi or coach Mickey Arthur, and he sees no reason not to play for Pakistan again due to the PCB management. He stated: "I have no problem with Najam Sethi or Mickey Arthur or the players who are currently playing for Pakistan Cricket Team. Hence I have no excuse not to play for Pakistan now due to PCB management."

Furthermore, Amir spoke about the power that Ramiz Raja had given to skipper Babar Azam and said it was fake. Amir believes that it was not the right time to give leadership to Azam and he should have prepared to take over the role. Amir gave several examples of how successful captains in cricket history had seniors behind them.

He said: "Ramiz Raja claims to empower Babar Azam as a captain but actually Ramiz Raja himself used to impose his decision on him...Babar Azam is given the captaincy at quite an early stage of his career. The captaincy of Babar Azam should have been groomed under Sarfaraz Ahmed...A young captain does need help from the seniors, e.g. Kohli had Dhoni, Root had Cook, and Smith had Clarke. Unfortunately, Babar Azam didn't have any senior player in his two years of captaincy who could have given him guidance."

Amir also praised Sarfaraz Ahmed's leadership tactics and said: "Sarfaraz Ahmed is a captain by birth. He does become quite angry during the match, which is out of his control, but his decision-making makes him an intelligent captain."

In regards to his potential return, Amir stated that he is keen to find momentum in the upcoming PSL and will use that to make a comeback in the national team. Amir also mentioned that he has been given special access to the National High-Performance Center (NHPC) by Najam, while he was not considered by Ramiz in the past. He said: "I will be fully fit and in complete rhythm in the eighth edition of PSL...There is a cricketer who served Pakistan Cricket for twenty years. He was practising in National High-Performance Center Lahore but was asked not to practice the very next day under the chairmanship of Ramiz Raja."

Amir also revealed that he never asked the ex-chairman for access to the NHPC, knowing that he would not be given a chance. He said: "I never asked Ramiz Raja to allow me to practice in National High-Performance Center Lahore because I knew I would get a negative response. There is no need to go in front of the person who doesn't likes you."

The PCB management committee has revived departmental cricket, which was shut down by the former Prime Minister of the country, Mr Imran Khan. Amir expressed his support for the decision to revive departmental cricket, stating that it is a good decision as it will allow domestic cricketers to earn their jobs back. He said: "Imran Khan made a wrong decision by suspending department cricket in the domestic structure of Pakistan."

Amir also addressed his injury, which occurred during the Champions Trophy 2017, and denied that it was fake. He said: "There were some journalists who raised questions over my injury and called it a fake injury just before the semifinal of Champions Trophy 2017. They didn't know that I took six painkillers at that time."

Amir also revealed that two former cricketers, Younis Khan and Shahid Afridi, were among the first to be impressed by his bowling and took a stand for him. Amir stated: "Younis Khan and Shahid Afridi were among the first cricketers who got impressed by my bowling lot. Younis Khan took a stand for me and told the selection committee that they should pick me in the national team."

In conclusion, it appears that Amir is considering a return to the national team and has a good relationship with the current PCB management. He has expressed his desire to find momentum in the upcoming PSL and use it to make a comeback in the national team. He has also praised Sarfaraz Ahmed's captaincy and spoken out against the ex-PCB management and certain players.