Kane Williamson amazed by Pakistan's bowling

Kane Williamson, former captain of New Zealand's cricket team, recently spoke to Geo News ahead of the second Test match against Pakistan in Karachi. Williamson praised the talent and depth of Pakistan's fast bowling ranks, noting that they always seem to produce exciting new players. He added that playing against Pakistan is always a tough challenge, as the conditions can vary greatly, and the team is always strong.

In regards to the first Test match between the two teams, Williamson said it was a good surface with a little bit of assistance for a spin coming in late. He emphasized the importance of assessing the conditions and sticking to their plans for the upcoming match.

Williamson also commented on the challenges of workload management in modern cricket, with the packed international schedule and frequent switches between formats. He emphasized the importance of balancing out the workload to stay fresh.

Despite the challenges, Williamson stated that he enjoys switching between formats and continually improving his game. He aims to make as big a contribution as possible to his team and be a part of partnerships on the field.

Overall, Williamson emphasized the formidable nature of playing against Pakistan and the importance of adapting to changing conditions. He also highlighted the need for careful workload management in the demanding world of international cricket.