Current coaches are not qualified, claims new PCB chairman

In what can be called the recent developments for Pakistan Cricket, Najam Sethi has been appointed as the new chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Pakistan's government, acting as PCB's patron-in-chief, has decided to reform the board's 2014 constitution, as a result of which, the former government's employed chairman, Ramiz Raja, is no more in action.

With the new chairman being appointed, a massive change in Pakistan Cricket's development is expected, alongside formulating the current coaching staff. Najam chaired his first meeting as the board's chairman, in which he discussed various aspects with the members of the newly formed committee.

One of the aspects discussed during Friday's meeting was replacing the current local coaches with foreigners. Soon after the conclusion of the meeting, Najam, who earlier performed PCB chairman duties during PMLN's regime, claimed foreign coaches were better at their work than the local coaches.

To prove his point, he reminded that Pakistan became the world's number one in Tests and ODIs under the foreign coaches' panel composed of Mickey Arthur back then. He also highlighted Pakistan's marquee achievement, Champions Trophy 2017. He believes that local coaches tend to fulfil friendships more than their obligations.

While talking to the journalists soon after the meeting, he said,

"Pakistan came across various achievements under the coaching of an international panel. We became World's number one in Tests and ODIs and also won the Champions Trophy 2017. However, the local coaches are more inclined toward fulfilling relationships and friendships than sticking to real talent.

His statements apparently hinted at sacking Pakistan's current batting coach Mohammad Yousuf and interim head coach Saqlain Mushtaq. Nevertheless, Sethi has assured some other jobs in PCB as they are not the best fit for the coaching roles.

"No one would be deprived of their rights. Everyone will be given some role on the board to earn their bread and butter, he added while talking to a group of local journalists.

Furthermore, he titled the local coaches the 'stars' and reckoned that they are not highly qualified. According to him, what sets the local and the foreign coaches apart is the difference in experience and qualification between the two.

Future of Yusuf and Mushtaq to be decided by new PCB chairman

"Local coaches are our stars, but they are not highly qualified. Whereas foreign coaches have plenty of experience in coaching various teams and carry enough qualifications to meet the standards, he urged.

From the newly selected PCB's chairman, the fanatics and the experts determine that Yousuf and Mushtaq's era is near its end. However, alongside giving the controversial statements regarding local coaches, PMLN's favourite added that everyone's contract would be completed as earlier decided and would not be terminated. Despite his words, chief selector Mohammad Wasim became the first to bid farewell to his position.


"Everyone's contracts would be completed as decided by the ex-PCB chairman, and no one would be sacked on a sudden basis." he concluded.

It is pertinent to mention that Saqlain was designated as the interim head coach for another 12 months in February 2021. However, Raja appointed Yousuf only for the home series against Australia. In July 2021, the ex-cricketer was entitled to carry on duties as a permanent batting coach.

The final and official call on Saqlain-Yousuf's fate as the coach is to be made in the second half of the meeting. Since all the aspects could not be discussed on Friday, the PCB has decided to elongate the meeting to another day.