Golden year of Pakistan Cricket under Ramiz Raja

September of the year 2021 looked the appointment of Ramiz Raja as the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board by the ex-Prime Minister, Mr Imran Khan of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). Soon, Khan's government was dismissed as a result of the no-confidence motion with the PMLN’s Shehbaz Sharif taking over as the new PM of the country.

It was comprehended that the government, which operates as PCB’s patron-in-chief, will also make visible changes in the cricket board. Yet, after revolving for a month, the rumours were overlooked, and Raja continued as a chairman with no hurdles.

With the conclusion of the England tour, the PMLN government has decided to re-commence the 2014 PCB’s constitution, as a consequence of which the PCB’s management committee has been formed which includes none of the participants from Raja and co’s tenure., obviously, all being fired.

Raja’s one-year time witnessed multiple positive outcomes in Pakistan Cricket with his aggressive approach to take Pakistan Cricket out of slavery.

Here are the measures Raja took within a brief span of 2021 for the advancement of Pakistan Cricket.


  1. The 2022 edition of the Pakistan Super League came across the highest-ever profit margin in seven years of PSL history.
  2. England and New Zealand came back to Pakistan with their full-strength squads after calling off their respective tours in 2021, citing players' well-being and security issues.
  3. 2022 became a prosperous year for Pakistan in terms of cricket as three big teams, including Australia, England, and New Zealand, commemorated historical tours with a short gap.
  4. The retired cricketers saw an enormous increase in their stipends to earn their bread and butter with dignity.
  5. Ramiz's contributions to PCB have let the PCB enhance its relations with several cricket boards, including England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket Australia (CA), Cricket South Africa (CSA), New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and others.
  6. As promised, he made PSL-like competitive leagues possible for U-19 cricketers (Pakistan Junior League) and for Women's cricket (Women's League). While PJL successfully completed its maiden edition, Women's League 1 will run along with PSL in 2023.
  7. He integrated inter-school cricket championships and player development at the grassroots level.
  8. He initiated PCB's best 100 programs, where the best 100 U-19 cricketers are picked. The board is supporting them financially with 30,000 PKR each, along with skill and personal development.
  9. Under Raja's span, Women's Cricket has taken a great turn. They managed to beat India for the first time whilst encountering Asia Cup 2022 and beat other participants to thrill the watchers.
  10. With the aggressive approach he has always talked about, Pakistan Cricket has enjoyed a great stint from 2021-22, including qualifying for World Cup 2021 semifinal, Asia Cup 2022 final, and World Cup 2022 final. 

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