Najam or Ramiz? Fans made their choice

Ramiz Raja has become the ex-PCB chairman after the Pakistan Cricket Board's patron-in-chief government, PMLN restored PCB's constitution 2014. As a consequence of this, it has been devised to retake ex-chairman Najam Sethi in charge of the roles.

Raja, elected as the board's chairperson during Imran Khan's PTI regime, was understood to be dismissed soon after PMLN took over as a result of the no-confidence motion.  Yet, all the circulating news turned out to be rumours, with Raja resuming his obligations.

The matter was again initiated after Raja enacted controversial comments about Peshawar, terming it a red zone for international cricket resurrection in Pakistan.  Although the dinner ceremony embraced by PM Shehbaz Sharif for the England and Pakistan teams went fine and even saw the PM praising Raja's work as a chairman, after a short course, the rumours again ascended regarding Najam conquering Ramiz. 

With the official announcement of Najam's appointment, these stories have turned out to be accurate, as Najam is now the new PCB chairman of PMLN's choice. Consequently, the fanatics and experts took to social media to respond to the new PCB Chairman about their likeness and dislikeness.

  To date, we have been witnessing mixed views. While some acknowledge it was out of Raja's hands to run PCB affairs, some are anguished by his acquittance. They do not find Najam the best suit for the slot.

On the other side, others are all in praise of Najam's role in bringing Pakistan Super League and international cricketers to Pakistan and developing a solid unit to win the Champions Trophy 2017.

  Let's have a look at how different people opine: