This England player cried for missing T20 World Cup 2022 final

England ended up as the winners of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, defeating Pakistan by five wickets in the final showdown at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). To your surprise, they were without the terrific services of Mark Wood and Dawid Malan, who suffered injuries during the Super 12 last match versus Sri Lanka. 

Since representing the national side is everyone's dream, missing out on the World Cup final left Malan in tears. But he coped with the situation for the sake of the country's betterment. He feels not being able to play against Pakistan was the most challenging day he has come across. 

"We all have tough times in our careers. Not being able to play the final was probably one of the toughest days I've ever had as a cricketer. That's what sport's like – it's cruel sometimes, " Malan said while speaking after the first ODI against Australia on Thursday.

He understands that the board took the decision not to risk the players and was in the best favour of the team. 

"Understandably, the decision was taken not to risk Woody and me, even though we'd done what was needed. I had a few tears that night. You never know how many World Cup finals you're going to be a part of.

"If you're just not fit and not able to do what's required, it's probably easier to take than to pass a fitness test and still be in a situation where you're still at risk, and you could still let the team down by pulling up the next day in the second over of the game chasing a ball.

Revealing his meeting with Wood, he said that they both comforted themselves that the marquee event's final is about the team, but not only about the player's interest in featuring on the big day.  

"Mark and I had a two-minute chat. We both were gutted and then said, 'it's not about us anymore; it's about what the team needed. It's in the past. We've won the World Cup; that's all that matters.

Malan, who marked his comeback in the first ODI against Australia, smashed 134 off 128 balls, but it went in vain as Australia came up with a win. Malan says it was a disappointment, but the joys of winning the World Cup are not yet over. 

"To be fit and perform like I did [in the first ODI], it's extremely satisfying after the disappointment of last week – disappointment but also the massive excitement and elation of winning that World Cup.

Revealing his plans to be part of upcoming World Cups, Malan narrated, 

"There's so much cricket coming up, and I’ve got so much to play for still in my career. I still want to push myself into this squad and still want to be at the next T20 World Cup as well."

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