World Cup 2022: Whopping prize money for Pakistani cricketers

Earlier this week, the ICC T20 World Cup's official site disclosed the lucrative prize money each team will receive for putting its effort into the recently-concluded ICC T20 World Cup 2022. As crystal clear, the winners England and the runner-ups, Pakistan, are to make the most out of it. 

On the one hand, Jos Buttler and co will make $1.6 Million, whereas the men in green will receive exactly half of it, which makes $800,000. Moreover, the Pakistan Cricket Team will also earn $120,000 for defeating the Netherlands, South Africa, and Bangladesh, respectively, in the group stage. (40,000 for each win).

Calculating the amount, it totals almost 226 Million Pakistani rupees. Generating a whopping amount throughout their roller-coaster journey in the World Cup 2022, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to equally disperse the money among the squad it announced for the World Cup, including reserved players.

Each player, including Fakhar Zaman, who played only a single match, and Khushdil Shah and Mohammad Hasnain, who did nothing throughout the tournament, will also earn an estimate of PKR 1 Crore 30 Lakhs alongside the rest of the players. 

The PCB will distribute the rest of the amount for the management and its staff, the major contributors to Pakistan's effectiveness in the tournament.