World Cup 2022 final: Winner of Pak vs Eng decided

The biggest cricket rivalry of the calendrar year, the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 final is ready and steady to see Pakistan vs England. While everyone anticipate for the iconic battle to be staged at iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) this Sunday, rain might be elected as the winner of the contest.

In accordance with weather predicitions for Sunday, there is a high chance of cloud burst, not a minor one, but throughout the day, which ultimately could spoil the Pak vs Eng clash. History could repeat itself in either case if the men in green manage to win, but the weather prediction favours rain as a winner

Although the ICC has reserved a day for the final in case Sunday is destroyed with the courtesy of cats and dogs weather, Monday is also on the verge of being washed away.

It is appropriate to mention to new rules for the World Cup final according to which, a minimum of 10-over games per side is needed to conclude the final. But if it does not happen, the trophy will most probably be shared between the two sides. 

According to Geo Super,

"If forced to reschedule, the match would start at 3 p.m. (0400 GMT) on Monday, with players and officials on notice to be prepared to play well into the evening if the weather forces it."

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