Mark Wood worried about visiting Pakistan

England player Mark Wood is worried about visiting Pakistan after hearing about the assassination attack on the ex-Prime Minister of the country, Imran Khan. The incident took place on Friday, when the PTI chairman, alongside a massive rally, headed toward Wazirabad. He was shot four times in his leg, causing severe wounds, however, keeping him safe overall.

However, the attack has raised concerns for the cricket teams, who are due to visit Pakistan according to ICC Future Tour Programs. Mark is one of them, thinking if the ex-PM is not safe in the country, how can the players be?

According to him, he has felt extremely safe during England's recent tour to Pakistan for a seven-match T20I series but will be relying on top management to make the subsequent tour. It must be noted that it was England's first visit to Pakistan since 2005.

“From the security we had, I can only mention what we came across, and it was fantastic – we were looked after really well. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried because you’re going back there when there’s been trouble. If you break it down and think about what it was like when we were there, it was pretty good for us. We were looked after really well. So it’ll be for people above me to decide whatever happens," said Wood. 

“Obviously, it’s worrying when you’re going back there as a cricketer, and there’s unrest in the country, but that’s for their country to deal with, not for us. We’ll be told, and we trust the security guys that tell us what to do, so if they say all’s fine, then we go, but I don’t know if this changes it,"

Not many weeks ago since England voyaged Pakistan for a T20I series, and they are all set to return to the country for a Test series after the T20 World Cup 2022 conclusion. 

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