Asia Cup 2023 to take place in Pakistan: Reports

There has been a lot of fuss ongoing regarding the hosting of Asia Cup 2023. Although the event was awarded to Pakistan by the entire Asian Cricket Council (ACC), the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is now becoming an obstacle in the way. Jay Shah, the secretary of the board, who is also the president of ACC, has unilaterally announced that team India will not visit Pakistan for the Asian battle.

He has also announced to look for a neutral venue. Notably, Jay unveiled the decision without letting the hosts and other members of ACC know. Since the concerned parties were not taken under consideration, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mr Ramiz Raja, has called for an emergency meeting with the ACC.

According to reports, the Pakistan board has stated that it won't visit India for World Cup 2023 in case India do not visit Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023. Also, the PCB is in no mood to change the venue and will continue with Asia Cup within Pakistan, with or without India.

In case if ACC forces the PCB for a neutral venue, the board likely to cancel its membership with ACC forever. Notably, the decision by BCCI has left the PCB disappointed and shocked. The ACC's take on the scenario is yet to be revealed.

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