BCCI releases clear statements on MS Dhoni mentoring Johannesburg Super Kings

Rajeev Shukla, the vice-president of the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI), has cleared Indian cricketers' participation in foreign t20 leagues. Since the topic has been trending, the statements from the BCCI are released on and off, reminding the players about its strict policy. 

Notably, many franchises of the Indian Premier League have bought teams in the newly-launched UAE's ILT20 and yet-to-be-named CSA T20 league. The parent IPL franchises asked BCCI to rope in their players in their teams in the new contests. It was believed that Indian cricketers would be able to participate at least in ILT20 and CSA T20 leagues since they are majorly owned by IPL.

However, the BCCI has once again reminded their clear policy, not allowing Indian cricketers to participate in any foreign franchise-based league, including ILT20 and CSA T20 league. Rajeev says IPL itself is the biggest player, and it bounds players not to go anywhere else. 

“We do not provide our players to any other cricket league abroad. We have a straight policy regarding this. Our Indian Premier League is itself a huge league, and we cannot allow any of our players to attach themselves to any foreign league in any manner,”

Earlier, the board stated if the Indian cricketers are willing to participate in any of the tournaments, they will have to end all relations with BCCI. The statement came in highlights of the fact that Chennai Super Kings (CSK) wanted to contract MS Dhoni as a mentor for CSA T20 League's Johannesburg Super Kings, owned by CSK.

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