Australian cricketer makes comment on dying ODI cricket after Wasim Akram

Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja has supported former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram's statement on 'dying ODI Cricket'. Just like Akram, he too feels that T20 cricket is the future of modern-day cricket, and people, including players, hardly show interest in One-Day Internationals.

Wasim, a day earlier, narrated that it is tiring for a cricketer to play an ODI match, whereas, in Twenty overs cricket, a cricketer can generate surplus money by giving four hours of a day. With an intense rise in franchise-based cricket, people's new area of interest is Twenty-Twenty cricket, let it be league or international.

Khawaja says T20 cricket has been a source of entertainment over the years. On the other hand, ODI cricket is slowly dying. Formatting the three formats, he ranks ODI as the last number. Although the Australian cricketer feels ODI World Cup can be fun, but regular encounters are 'dying a slow death'. His statements read,

"My own personal opinion - I know a few of the guys are very similar - you've got Test cricket, which is the pinnacle, you've got T20 cricket, which obviously has leagues around the world, great entertainment, everyone loves it, and then there's one-day cricket," he said.

Usman played his last ODI in 2019 and says the format does not either interest him much.

"I feel like that's probably the third-ranked out of all of them. I think personally one-day cricket is dying a slow death...there's still the World Cup, which I think is really fun and it's enjoyable to watch, but other than that, even myself personally, I'm probably not into one-day cricket as much either,"

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