Miandad talks about removal of departmental cricket

The ex-Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad had strongly opposed the former government's decision to call off departmental cricket. Almost a month and a half back, Miandad was in conversation with Cricket Pakistan. In the interview, he made several remarks on it, directing the continual of departmental cricket.

He said players used to suppose themselves stable and played hard. Miandad believes Pakistan became World Champion with the power of departmental cricket, however, many cricketers today are looking to earn their bread and butter after the closure of it. 

“Players considered themselves mentally safe, they worked hard and played an important role in the success of their team. Courtesy of the departmental team, Pakistan became the world champion. Today, hundreds of cricketers are starving for bread,”

He further commented illiterate but famous players got financial benefits and were able to earn for the ease of their families. Today, the players are suffering from zero financial security. He believes if a player will not be financially stable, he will likely opt for the second route, match-fixing, to earn for himself and his family.

“Due to departmental cricket, many famous but illiterate players also got financial comfort and their children earned higher education. Cricketers fear that they do not have financial security, so they try to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. Due to a lack of financial security, they were tempted to make money illegally.

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