Ramiz Raja reveals the person who ruined his international cricket career

The Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja Jnr has accused the former cricketer Waqar Younis, of demolishing his international cricket career. Raja was named in the two-match T20I series squad against Zimbabwe in 2011 during the times of Younis' head coach stint. The cricketer has blamed the ex-coach for racial remarks against him.

While speaking to a local channel, Raja disclosed he was forcibly asked to speak Punjabi since the team discussions did not take place in Urdu during that time. He has revealed that Waqar made him feel like there is no place for people from Karachi in the cricket team. Notably, it is the second remark coming against Younis from a Pakistani including Ahmed Shehzad.

On behalf of his domestic appearances, he was called for his first-ever t20I series and added to the squad for the Zimbabwe series. His first-ever T20I series became his last and he indicts Waqar for that reason. Ramiz has informed that he wanted to go back home due to continual racial remarks.

“During my only international tour with the national team, I faced rude behaviour from Waqar Younis. He taunted me a lot just because I belong to Karachi. That tour became horrible for me, and I just wanted to go back home,” 

“He told me to learn Punjabi to survive in the team. They used to speak Punjabi in all team meetings. Once I asked him to go for training with Sohail Bhai. He refused and said ‘this is not Karachi team,'”

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