I am going nowhere, says Ramiz Raja on retirement's speculations

The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Mr Ramiz Raja has responded to his sacking speculations, blaming the media for creating useless gossip. Since PMLN has taken over PTI's government, it has been heard that Raja's position is in danger, and PM Shehbaz Shareef will announce a new chairman of his choice in a short course.

However, Ramiz, for the second time, has rubbished the rumours saying he is going nowhere. He slammed the media person for asking the question and queried him back if they all want it written on a stamp paper. He said people want him to go so they can make headlines and assured that this is all uncertainty regarding his removal.

"There is no uncertainty. You [journalists] are creating this. I know the inside issues, and nothing is going to happen,"  

"I am not going anywhere. Should I write it on a stamp paper and give it to you? I know you people want me to go and make headlines then," 

It must be noted that the reliable sources shared the possibility of Najam Sethi replacing Raja anytime soon. Also, Khalid Mehmood was the next preferable candidate. Khalid also met Shehbaz a few days back to discuss the issues reportedly.

Moreover, the viral photo of Nawaz Shareef with Najam hinted a lot. Responding to all this, Ramiz has clarified that 'nothing is going to happen' and a normal person does not know more about insides than him.

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