Former IPL Chairman wants IPL franchises to have women's teams

All talks have been about the women's edition of the Indian Premier League in Indian cricket. However, the next thing is to see the competition implemented as promised the next year.

Different stakeholders, owners of the men's IPL franchises, and interested bodies have been giving their opinions in regards. And, the former IPL Chairman Lalit Modi has also opined something in regard.

According to Modi, it should be made mandatory for at least one IPL franchise to have a women's franchise. He sees no potential and hype for the tournament happening in the first edition of IPL Women.

Talking to NDTV Sports, he stated,

“I didn’t see much of IPL women’s games this year (Women’s T20 Challenge), but I think one of the biggest things they should do is make it mandatory for an IPL franchise to have a women’s team,”

He believes that as the consequence of any IPL franchise buying a team in the women's edition can trigger women's cricket. Modi is already delighted over the announcement of the IPL Women and says that he sees women cricket going up.

“If an IPL franchise owner is able to have a women’s team, you’ll see the bench strength in Indian women’s cricket go up. You’ll see investment in women’s cricket by owners who are already making good money now. Amazing step. It’s a big boost to the women’s game and I am really glad,” 

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