Navjot Singh Sidhu jailed for one year

Former Indian cricketer who later became a commentator has been jailed for one year, on account of a road rage case that took place in 1988. The Indian Supreme Court has declared that Sidhu intentionally caused harm to Gurnam Singh, who died as a result. Consequently, the cricketer-turned-commentator has been sentenced to jail for a year.

Moreover, Sidhu is not found guilty of another manslaughter case, that took place in 2018, and is indeed a more serious mishap. He has few legal alternatives remaining because he may only challenge the ruling once through a curative petition.

Sidhu, the former member of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, accepted the verdict and tweeted that he will submit himself to the majesty of the law. His statement simply reads,


He was involved in a car accident in his home town, Patiala, in 1988. The cricketer was then accused of engaging in a heated argument with the owner of the other car and ending up beating him to death. A year later, a lower court acquitted the cricketer, however, the verdict was challenged in 2006 and Punjab and Haryana High court had convicted Sidhu of culpable homicide and sentenced him to three years in jail, the NDTV report said.

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