Does PCB have any issue with touring Sri Lanka in difficult times?

Sri Lanka is going through difficult times following the recent political and financial disruptions in the country which has not only exploited cricket but all sporting domains. The public has been on the street protesting against the government and similar other issues which can hinder sports, especially targeting the home series as the trouble for the visitors.

However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) finds no issue in visiting Sri Lanka during the crisis and as scheduled, will travel for the two-match Test series. The series will be part of the ICC World Test Championship 2021-23 and the PCB has confirmed it will be taking place. 

“We are always ready to support Sri Lanka Cricket even in difficult times and we have no issues touring the country for the test series,” a PCB official said as quoted by The Hindu.

In the recent developments, Sami ul Hasan Burney, the media director of the board, stated that SLC themselves are considering the decision whether to host the upcoming home series in Sri Lanka or opt for a neutral venue. 

"SLC, viewing its circumstances, would take a decision which will be accepted, including playing on their grounds or neutral venue,"

Notably, the political condition in the country is much worst as it has halted the broadcasting of IPL 2022 entirely. As a consequence of the crisis, the Australia tour of Sri Lanka also seems in jeopardy also, the rights to hosting the Asia Cup later this year might be taken from the country.

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