Travis Head and fiancée survived horrible plane accident

Australian cricketer Travis Head and his pregnant fiancée Jessica Davies have survived the terrifying emergency landing alongside the rest of the passengers on their way back from the Maldives. According to the lady's story, the plane slipped allegedly off the runway into the field in its attempt to second touchdown 30 minutes after taking off. 

Luckily, all passengers were saved and no harm was caused to anyone. Jessica shared the detailed stories on her Instagram account. All of them were saved by the rescue plane, taking them to their destination after hours of waiting. 

“On our way home from the Maldives, our plane started descending 30 minutes into our 1-hour flight and we end up landing on an island 45 mins away from our destination…after our second landing attempt we slid off the tarmac into a field,”

Travis Head's wife Jessica Davies story

“It was like a movie, watching the people panic. Then some passengers got aggressive towards staff because they locked us into a room without water, phone signal, or any communication for 45 minutes, which only scared people more. Eventually, they moved us to a nicer room with seating, TV, and Wi-Fi. We waited four hours for a rescue plane and (were) provided with accommodation in Malé (Maldives capital),”

Travis Head's wife Jessica Davies story

It must be noted the couple announced earlier this year that they are expecting their first child together. The childbirth is expected in the end of 2022. 

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