Ollie Robinson talks about his years-old racist and sexist tweets

Ollie Robinson, who was suspended by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) following his 8-years old racist and sexist tweets getting leaked on his debut day, has talked about the incident again. It happened last year when the English cricketer was on his Test debut against New Zealand, and the tweets took no time to go viral, tarnishing his big day.

Consequently, the Cricket Discipline Committee fined him £3,200 alongside an 8-match suspension, five of which were delayed for two years. 8-year old tweets included the Islamophobic, sexist, racist, and disablist content that took the attention of everyone after someone from the public took the courage to leak them on his debut day.  

He was all in tears although his debut went great. The player was unavailable for the second Test versus the Black Caps. He stated he was embarrassed for his decade-old actions and is neither a sexist nor a racist. 

Recently, again opening up on the incident, he spoke,

“When the tweets resurfaced. I felt like I was different already. But I looked at myself and thought: ‘Do I still have those views? Am I still that person?’. I might have turned a corner four or five years ago, but have I really got better? Are there bits of those tweets that are still in me?”

“I was living a bit of a drunk life back then. My parents had divorced, and I was going out three or four times a week with my mates, joy-riding at night, living a different life to the person I feel I am now. I understand why people were shocked,” 

Despite the suspension, and the decision reversed, he made the comeback in the Test series versus India, and ended the season as the highest wicket-taker for his side, taking his tally to 28.

Joe Root, the captain of the side has also called the comments 'unacceptable'  but says the player should not be remembered with bad remarks since he has issued his sincere apologies for years-old content. 

“It was nice I had their support. They told me that’s not who I am. I was having doubts – that I was the worst human ever,” Robinson added.

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