Najam Sethi likely to return as PCB chairman

Najam Sethi, the former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is likely to step back to take hold of his duties after the fall of the PTI government. Ramiz Raja, who is operating as the current chairperson of the board, will most likely resign himself seeing no fate of him under PMLN.

Not to forget Raja was brought into action by Imran as a chairman. The government was working as PCB Patron in Chief, however, after Shehbaz Shareef has been named as an unwanted PM of Pakistan, the party will bring the PCB chairman of its choice, reportedly Sethi. It must be noted Sethi has close relations with Shehbaz. Also, his wife, Jugnu Mohsin has joined the PMLN party hence, Sethi's return is very certain. 

Raja became the 36th chairman of the PCB in September 2021 whereas Najam operated before Ehsan Mani, after Shahryar Khan. The board started operating well under his silent tactics. There were many initiatives yet to be taken, but with the takeover of new bodies, the PCB will step back into its old footing. No doubt, Ramiz has been gathering immense love from people for his doing for the people, however, no one is yet speaking in favour of bringing Najam back.

It must be noted the oppositions parties gathered together to trigger a no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan. Although it was denied as a part of the constitution by Qasim Sure, the retired National Assembly Speaker, it was approved a day later. The opposition parties won by 174 votes, and Khan was left with no chance, hence forced removal. 

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