Women's Day 2022: ICC launches 100 Per cent Cricket Year of Women's Cricket

In order to amplify women's empowerment through women's cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has launched its 100 Percent Cricket Year of Women's Cricket. The initiative has especially been taken on 8th March 2022, International Women's day, to delegate the ladies without any discrimination on behalf of gender, caste, nation, age and other demographic factors. 

Although Women's Cricket, over the last few years, has been triggered, but still, there is a huge gap that needs to minimized. The purpose of such an initiative is to boost women's sporting worldwide giving them a much-needed transformation to compete in the male-dominant world. The ICC also has asked the fans to use the hashtag #IDeclare to support women's rights and gender equality beating all the past norms and stereotypes. 

“The 100 percent Cricket Year of Women’s Cricket campaign has been introduced to help drive transformative change and be part of accelerating the growth of the game,” ICC said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Cricket has an incredible power and reaches to raise awareness and effect change and we’re proud to partner with UNICEF as part of 100 percent Cricket Year of Women’s Cricket to #IDeclare our commitment to empowering women and girls through cricket,” said current CEO of ICC, Geoff Allardice.

Currently, the ICC Women's World Cup 2022 is underway in New Zealand with eight teams participating in the tournament. The extravaganza has played a major role in women empowerment since its inception in 1973.

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